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Pokemon Vibrant Gold Q&A. How could you see starters in pokemon shiny silver?

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Pokemon Vibrant Gold Q&A. How could you see starters in pokemon shiny silver?

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    Pokemon Shiny Gold Question and Solutions :

    Hi men, I became thinking which starters you might get in pokemon glossy gold and where could you locate them. Which includes the jhoto, kanto and hoenn starters. Thnx for help, Ahmed Samir

    prof.elm laboratory

    there u can choose a beginning pokemon. cyndaquil,totodile and chicorita. prof.elm’s lab is in the new bark city dude. .julz’24

    Pokemon MUDKIP (RARE)

    ways to get Mudkip. First once you beat the first gym subsequently go to the first cavern. Search every where if you wish to come across MUDKIP. You can acquire a old rod from Pokemon Center near the cave and fish within the water for the cavern. It is possible to manage or walk-on the bottom to get Mudkip. HOPE I HELPED


    Treeko is during a secret part of the nationwide playground that you get when you go to the very best right area through some trees, and charmander is in the game area for 2100 coins

    Furthermore, I’ve read that Blubasaur is in the safari region.

    I don’t know where any Johto starters are observed.


    I forgot, squritle is situated in water by Newbark area, (extremely exceptional)


    I discovered a treeko at nationwide park its a secret spot

    getting torchick

    oh absolutely nothing iwont tell the key


    The present in a secret cavern on path 11 in Kanto

    Intercourse are located with a guy around path 80 he’s got top dick as well as your ladies available to you will love him he is maybe not rough and then he lives in west tangerine