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The Guysexual’s Urban Dictionary for Gay Slang

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The Guysexual’s Urban Dictionary for Gay Slang

What’s the shelf-life of a clearance purchase top? What’s the expiry time on a Grindr hookup? Perform carrots depend as carbohydrates? Should you feel like a potato, have you been a carb? Do you need to kick your fast food practices from the curb (no pun supposed)? Include moccasins better than brogues? Furthermore, what’s a brogue?

While you are gay people, you’ll be filled up with issues (whenever you are not filled with self-doubt, which) — but this can be 2021, and some questions, while standard, — is always more significant versus others.

Take many of these as an example.

Don’t see regardless if you are a top or a base? Can you believe it’s rude (and incredibly inappropriate) when someone requires you whether you’re a slave? Have you ever constantly wondered exactly why your friends laughed at you once you mentioned your liked vanilla extract? Could you be shocked that folks maybe that into otters? More importantly, something an otter?

It’s 2021, and it’s time for you to become because of the times. Whether you’re an out-and-proud gay man or an in-the-closet novice, your dictionary of gay slang will always be because diverse as your small black colored guide of boys. And so the on the next occasion someone lets you know they are aware ‘just the proper twink for your daddy appeal,’ right here’s some glossary of homosexual slang to help you know very well what they actually suggest.

Bear: an adult, broader hairier people exactly who unlike his namesake, does not need to hibernate.

Beefcake: a gay guy exactly who spends most of their times in the fitness center, in addition to rest of it scooping spoonfuls of protein product into his post-workout shakes.

BJ: A bl*wjob, or an individual desires to generate a bl*wjob sounds cool.

Bottom: The open intimate spouse; often referred to as ‘someone which enjoys having it in’.

Buns: backside or an individual really wants to feel sweet concerning your butt.

Chubby Chaser: a homosexual guy exactly who loves their intimate partners exactly like he enjoys his pads – gentle and cuddly.