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Love eating without burning up an opening inside pocket, no membership expected

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Love eating without burning up an opening inside pocket, no membership expected


Possibly the finest bagels in Singapore but prepare yourself to queue during dinner instances. Portion is big. For lightweight eaters, please show and not spend this tasty bagel.

They got some differing types to pick from but my personal favourites are The BEC Bagel and Tandoori Chicken Bagel. Therefore doesn’t material which socket you go to, the taste is equally as fantastic. Maybe not the wishing time though.

Always returning to correct my personal bagel cravings in the future.

i’m a large follower of pb&j sandwiches, and a level larger enthusiast of bagels; and whenever we spotted this in the diet plan i knew i’d to try it. to start, the bagel got delicious — a crispy external and moist, chewy in, plus an excellent chocolates season from the nice number of chocolate chips scattered throughout. the levels of pb&j satisfying were also very rich! the peanut butter had actual nuts inside that gave a fantastic crisis, and it also ended up being superr gao. when it stumbled on the jam, we chosen raspberry (rather than strawberry), that has been also bad for my taste. all in all, $6 (+ income tax) with this bagel IS a bit regarding pricey side, even so they actually don’t skimp regarding the materials therefore the taste combination may be out of the world

Came on a PH immediately after a circular of physical exercise since this is completely the kind of post-exercise carbohydrate rich + protein rich snacks that one must renew (or enjoy lol). The beef patties are adequately delicious. It wasnt a burger generally there wasnt the choice to inquire about for method. For anyone whom dislikes totally cooked meat patties, it was a shock! Moist, flavorsome and each and every little complenting the sauces, bagel and accompanying bits of elements – caramelized onions, cucumber etcetera that was bagel-wiched in-between. Not surprisingly, the generous servicing of elements therefore the bagel size merely means that this could be quite a messy affair to use.