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LendUp Supported By 16z Today Features Quick Online Loans

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LendUp Supported By 16z Today Features Quick Online Loans

Y Combinator-incubated LendUp established in October with supporting from Kleiner Perkins, Andreessen Horowitz, yahoo projects, Kapor investment as well as others, to take a fresh cure for a classic challenge: you pay your own costs today, you dont have the cash to pay for them. In place of turn-to predatory loan providers and financial institutions, employing large interest rates, borrow funds from pals or include the sight and expect they go away, what do you do?

It might appear like a situation that merely befalls the chronically irresponsible, in fact, 15 million Us americans considered payday lenders to borrow funds a year ago. Rather than winding up saddled with lasting debt from hidden fees or wrestling with Draconian terminology and costly rollovers, LendUp would like to give those searching for a speedy fix to a short-term economic conundrum ways to take a loan without concealed costs, expensive rollovers and high-interest costs.