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Another day, another research showing that folks involve some odd AF myths about bisexuality.

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Another day, another research showing that folks involve some odd AF myths about bisexuality.

Unique research printed within the Journal of Intercourse Research shows, like many more reports, that bisexual ladies are prone to become looked at in a negative light than other people.

The research questioned 261 heterosexual participants (154 males and 107 women) to supply explanations of heterosexual female, lesbians, and bisexual people. They even had been presented with descriptions of two characters on a romantic date and expected supply an evaluation. And the outcome? Well, they won’t come as a surprise to your bisexual females available. Bisexual female were referred to as considerably perplexed and promiscuous than other female. These people were also examined much more neurotic, much more extroverted, and prepared for encounters. Now, not all of those include bad issues — but close or poor, they all has practically nothing in connection with being bisexual. The analysis furthermore discovered that these stereotypes are not discovered by witnessing bisexual attitude, but instead come through assumptions about bisexuality. In other words, they’re only prejudices without any grounds in reality.

As a bisexual woman, this all seems all too-familiar to me. Bisexual women are usually thought of as either greedy or going right on through a phase — or, even worse, “faking it” to wow a guy. We come across these misconceptions on a regular basis. But it’s time indeed to stop perpetuating these stereotypes and commence making reference to exactly what it’s actually like to be bisexual. Listed below are seven stuff you should know.

It Isn’t The Precise Research

Some people believe that being bisexual indicates their intimate activities need to be 50/50. Seriously, should you decide state you’re bisexual men desire the invoices. They would like to know-how many men and ladies you slept with foot fetish video chat, just how long your consider one versus a female, as well as, “THAT DO YOU APPEAR TO START WITH?!”