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Balangan this is actually the after that break on Bukit and is also waking range from Dreamland.

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Balangan this is actually the after that break on Bukit and is also waking range from Dreamland.

It really is a reef split but possess an attractive white sand coastline basically most peaceful and beautiful. Balangan was an enjoyable left hander that’s not so fast since more reef pauses in the bukit and is also suitable for intermediate surfers.


Just north of Seminyak, Canggu has different waves in the region. The key split at Echo seashore supplies an excellent right top that rests over black colored lava stone with two fun lefts close by. It is a great advanced split bridging the security of this beach rests with dangers of surfing over coral.


Further north, Balian are a tranquil rivermouth kept and correct, splitting over a stone and mud bottom.


More north again, Medewi is actually a very long remaining point break, peeling softly for a huge selection of metres along round lake rocks. Perfect for longboards and greatest at mid tide from 4-8ft. Swell dimensions is usually larger than Kuta based swell course.

Nyang Nyang

Usually enjoys swell, but usually too large to browse properly. Generally just visited whenever every where otherwise happens dull but it’s hard to access. The right reefbreak with a left regarding opposing area of a very treacherous station with some odd currents.

Green Balls

This revolution is generally too big to browse – a thick right-hander, but frequently too big and also hazardous. The swells here are very powerful, dealing with straight into the available ocean. Arrive early before every wind and start to become cautious on the currents!

Nusa Dua

Bali’s most consistent right reef split, this overseas reef wave regarding the eastern coastline is actually seldom under four ft, but frequently packed. A swell magnetic finest in the mornings.

Sanur Reef

This really is one of many world’s most useful right hand reef rests when in the 8 to 10ft number, but unfortunately really volatile and only breaks about 15-20 era a-year. It could be really congested under 6 ft and under 4ft it’s very shallow and sectiony.