Aston Villa – Southampton: forecast and bets by Arthur Petrosyan

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It’s hard not to admire Southampton. “Saints” demonstrate not only high-quality, but also a consistently high level of play. In the last round, they outright beat Everton, which at that time did not know defeat and was therefore in excellent spirits. But with the power, pressure and speed of the Hasenhüttl team, the “butterscotch” could not cope.

“Villa”, which is interesting, in fact, for the same reasons, was replayed by “Leeds”. Moreover, large. Moreover, after two victories in a row with a total score of 8-2.

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It seems to me that right now Southampton is a more mature, high-quality team that surpasses the Birmingham in every component of the game. Yes, they don’t have an individually strong midfield player like Grilish, but as a team they are one step higher.

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Quincy Qrew – Undying: prediction and bet by Dmitry “Mortalles” Arzhilovsky

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The best team in North America at the end of 2020 will meet with a new team assembled specifically for the DPC season. In the top division, almost no one saw Undying as a Major slot contender. However, contrary to expectations, the guys easily defeated one rival after another. Stumbled only on EG, lacked experience, it happens. But for the next match, they should be as motivated as possible. The fact is that in North America there can also be a very curious situation where three teams will have 6-1 if Undying wins. (Again, there is no doubt that EG will beat the outsider of the tournament.) Quincy Crew for them main test.

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It is high time for QC to demonstrate itself in the international arena. All last year they have been going for this and it’s time to go to the Major. However, I really want to believe that this game will not be easy for them. Undying will give their best, there may not be another chance. Therefore, we will try to bet on a stubborn struggle in this pair, without a bet on the winner.

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Homeless Betting CS: GO Betting Features –

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Homeless Betting CS: GO Betting Features -

Homeless Betting CS: GO Betting Features –

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The journalist interviews another expert, also the former captain of the Russian national team Andrei Arshavin (striker 2002-2012.). Andrey Arshavin supports this point of view. While the players and coaches of the teams gather at the stadium, the correspondent and the expert are discussing the expectations from the game, the line-up of the teams, the forecast of the result of the match. Viewers using static infographics are shown a diagram of the arrangement of team players. At the 7th minute of the broadcast, the discussion is again transferred to the studio: the presenter and experts continue the conversation and examine in detail the lineups, using infographics with interactive elements. Second live broadcast from the stadium: D. Zanin interviews expert Andrey Tikhonov (midfielder 1996-2000.) about the predicted result of the game. The studio continues to discuss the games of the qualifying tournament previously held by the national teams of Russia and Kazakhstan, the level of preparation of both teams is compared. R. Shirokov gives an expert assessment of the Russian team, A. The presenter offers to watch a recording of a fragment of a press conference held on the eve of the match: the head coach of the Russian national team C. Cherchesov and the goalkeeper of the Russian national team M. Guilherme answer journalists’ questions. Then, a material about S.

Bologna – Juventus: forecast and rate. Teams will exchange goals

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Stadium: Renato Dal# 8217; Ara (Bologna).

Judge: NS. Valerie.

Will not play: Dakes, Dominguez, Soriano, Hickey (all # 171; Bologna# 187;), Bentancourt (# 171; Juventus# 187;).

Team form

# 171; Bologna# 187; can add another season to its asset. The team under Mikhailovich shows good football, plays attack. At the end of the season, she takes 11th place quite good for a limited budget and opportunities.

# 171; Juventus# 187; in the last round solves the problem of getting a ticket to the Champions League for the next season. In rivals # 171; Napoli# 187; and # 171; Milan# 187; which are one point ahead of # 171; old lady# 187;.

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Outcome betting

The favorite in this match is obvious. They are motivated guests. You can bet on their victory for 1.27, the hosts go in line for 11.50. Draw valued at 6.45.

I think the result is obvious here, but I will not bet on such a coefficient.

Total bets

Bookmakers in this meeting are waiting for the scoring rain they offer to take total over 3.5 goals for 1.78. Grassroots option goes for 2.03. Is everything so obvious in this meeting?

Teams play modestly among themselves none of the last five meetings has had a top, and only one game has a goal exchange. How will it be this time?

I would still choose the grassroots option, but I would not bet.

Forecast and bet on the match # 171; Bologna# 187; # 171; Juventus# 187;

In my opinion, the most obvious bet is this is a goal exchange for 1.65. # 171; Juve# 187; missed at least one goal in all last five matches + will mean that the team is tired after the Cup final.

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