LumiDrive was SparkFun’s foray into all things Python on microcontrollers.

LumiDrive was SparkFun’s foray into all things Python on microcontrollers.

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LumiDrive was SparkFun’s foray into all things Python on microcontrollers.

Utilizing Adafruit’s routine Python, we developed a product designed for driving a strand of APA102’s. We’ve damaged away a number of analog and digital pins from the onboard SAMD21G-AU microcontroller so you can carry out external buttons, changes, as well as other whizzbangs to have interaction with the LEDs.

SparkFun LumiDrive LED Driver

Making Use Of The SparkFun LumiDrive you will be able to control and personalize a complete strand of APA102s right from the panel its…

Circuit Python

You can read the considerable documentation about Circuit Python right here on Adafruit’s web site, but why don’t we examine a short and nice type. Routine Python are Adafruit’s type of MicroPython. Just what pray inform, are MicroPython? MicroPython is actually Python 3 for microcontrollers. MicroPython requires the efficacy of the extremely common Python interpreted code which user-friendly, easy to read, and powerful and makes it usable for microcontrollers. They feels common in how you declare and employ pins but unlike Arduino, you don’t need to gather or publish their signal. It is because your own microcontroller serves like a USB drive whenever you connect they in the computer. The code simply life as a file that you alter directly as soon as it is protected, its immediately loaded. Algebraic! Additionally it is suitable for the Python 3 you really have on your personal computer so you can create effortlessly on your desktop computer! Why are we making use of routine Python? routine Python contains the advantageous asset of creating numerous libraries inbuilt by default being catered toward entry-level enthusiasts. In the case of the LumiDrive, we’ll feel utilizing the DotStar collection, Adafruit’s library for APA102 LEDs.


You’ll find three options for electricity on items: USB-C, Lithium Ion Battery, or feedback. Possible render power within the include 3.3V-6V.

USB-C, other than being reversible and that is already amazing, has the capability of providing more electricity than their forerunner. I happened to be in a position to draw 2 AMPs from my personal desktop on a 3.1 USB connect. Be cautious – I did this so that you will do not have to! Every computer system is significantly diffent and I also strongly recommend that you do not do something therefore quick unless you are completely self-confident. Furthermore remember various USB ports (2.0, 3.0, and 3.1) provide different degrees of electricity. 3.1 isn’t hard to determine since it has a blue language whenever you check out the slot.

Lithium Ion Battery

We many choices in our index that will satisfy your various portable energy requirements. LumiDrive additionally has a charging routine in order to recharge their LiPo battery.

Two-pin Feedback Headers

Last but not least was a 2 pin header identified INPUT where you could feed your own personal energy.

Present Draw

The dining table below listings the present draw for a strand of 55 LEDs at full white at one half and full brightness. I also incorporated current draw for any different integrated performance at varying LED amounts and brightness to assist you create most knowledgeable decisions when selecting or making use of your LEDs.

Input Output

You’ll find four input/output pins damaged off to along side it for the items. There are 2 digital pins as well as 2 analog pins. These can be used to connect to your own LED string (or otherwise not) by connecting keys, changes, light detectors, etc.


There are 2 keys in the item. The most known option try a reset key which will reset the panel on press. The second reason is a button mounted on digital pin D6. You should use this in the place of affixing a button with the panel.

There are two main LEDs aboard. The utmost effective LED within the visualize try a yellow fee LED that suggests that a LiPo battery has been recharged. The second reason is a blue stat brought attached to pin D13.

Poke-home Connectors

There’s two Poke-home connectors in the bottom from the items.

They’re flexible and rather strong and invite you to put in cable without the need for solder. They truly are described with all the color of cable that is used within the strands of APA102 LEDs that individuals offer at SparkFun however they are not restricted to simply those. Just underneath that cotton you are going to see the purpose of those lines is labeled as inside appropriate information.

Equipment Installation

Hardware set-up is simple. Let us start by plugging your Light-emitting Diode strand into the poke-home connections. Finer regulation is possible by using a set of tweezers or the suggestion of a pen to push within the flap about topside of this poke-home connector. Right here we have now chosen tweezers since that is what we had convenient.

Once you push on onto the black colored flap on top of this poke-home connector, two material wedges go laterally – towards sides associated with the product- in the connector. Press the line to the poke-home connector. Whenever you launch it, both wedges will fasten down on the cable. Let them have a little tug to make certain the cable are in indeed there solid. You are ready to rock and roll!

Connect the LumiDrive to your computers using USB-C connector. It will pop up immediately as a tough drive called CIRCUITPY. If it doesn’t pop up instantly, unplug it and plug it in. If it fails, browse to your documents folder to check out CIRCUITPY on left-hand side and present it a click. At this point the blue stat LED throughout the LumiDrive should-be blinking. From here you can start that CIRCUITPY by clicking on they.

Let’s push onto the instance signal.

Python Sample Laws

Your LumiDrive should currently feature the next Python code but in instance things goes wrong with it, than you’ll be able to re-download the example rule here:

Heads-up! It’s also possible to upload Arduino code with the LumiDrive utilising the Arduino IDE. Merely pick SparkFun SAMD21 Dev Breakout Board beneath the board menu. Without having the SparkFun SAMD21 panel descriptions next search our hookup instructions for detail by detail training and motorists (if you need them).

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